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Legalization of stay

Since 2017 we have been providing services in the sector of employment and legalization of foreigners in Poland, and in 2023 we positively completed 97% of cases.

What does our service include?

On behalf of our clients we will carry out all the necessary steps to obtain a temporary residence permit in Poland.

At the first stage, we prepare an application for a temporary residence permit and help to gather all the documents required by law, depending on the purpose of the foreigner’s stay in Poland.

Then we arrange an appointment with the Governor, during which the application is submitted and the foreigner can receive a stamp in the passport, documenting the initiation of the residence procedure.

Employees of our agency are present and represent the foreigner during every action in the office, and the agency conducts correspondence with the office throughout the entire procedure until the decision is issued and the residence card is collected in the office.

Types of residence permits

Temporary residence permits

Work and stay

if you want to live and work in Poland.

The application for a temporary residence and work permit shall be submitted by a foreigner, whose purpose of stay in Poland is to perform work. The permit is issued for the period of expected employment indicated in the appendix, from 3 months to 3 years.

On its basis, the foreigner receives a residence card.

Blue card

if you want to live in Poland and work in a highly qualified profession

Seasonal work

if you are staying in Poland due to performing seasonal work, and you want to prolong your legal stay due to the seat or place of residence of the entity commissioning work to a foreigner.

Work of a delegated employee

if you are an employee delegated to the territory of the Republic of Poland by a foreign employer and this employer has previously obtained for you a work permit or you are exempt from the obligation to have a work permit.

Business activity

if you want to stay in Poland and run a business here, e.g. you are a member of the management board and hold shares of a company.

Residence with family

if you are a family member of a foreigner and want to legalize your stay in Poland or if you live in Poland and want to legalize the stay of your family members.

Residence of a family member of a citizen of the Republic of Poland

if you are a spouse child of a Polish citizen's spouse, or another family member of a Polish citizen

Students and graduates

if you want to stay in Poland and study full-time at higher education institutions or if you are a graduate of a Polish university, looking for a job.

Researchers and scientists

if you are a scientist conducting research in a scientific unit in the territory of the Republic of Poland or after its completion you are looking for a job.

Interns and volunteers

if the purpose of your stay is to carry out an internship in an approved unit or to participate in the European Voluntary Service.

Other circumstances

when there are other circumstances that justify your stay in Poland (e.g. as a clergyman, to continue your education, short-term residence permit).

Permanent Residence Permits and Long-Term Residence Permits of the EU

Permanent Residence Permits and Long-Term Residence Permits of the EU

if you have been staying in Poland for more than 5 years and would like to obtain an unlimited residence permit.

Permanent residence permits

if you want to obtain a permanent residence permit (e.g. spouses of Polish citizens after 3 years of marriage, victims of human trafficking) Also: for persons of Polish descent or holding a Polish Charter and intending to reside in Poland.
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