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For the employer

We offer innovative solutions in the field of recruitment and selection of permanent employees, temporary work and HR and payroll services.


Make hiring permanent, fill vacancies with top talent. Whether you need to hire one or many new employees, we know how to reach and engage the best candidates. We work quickly and effectively. Sound interesting?

Temporary staffing
and outsourcing

Flexibly scale your workforce, work on a project basis and optimize labor costs. Thanks to outsourcing and staff leasing services you will be able to quickly adjust the size of employment to the needs of your company. How to do it?

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Recruitment and preparation of personnel according to the client's expectations

Personnel service

Delegating the required number of employees to carry out tasks at the client's site. Full personnel service.

Personnel management

Current management of staff and ensuring continuity of work, rapid intervention in crisis.

Task optimization

Short time for obtaining missing staff, quick and effective adaptation of the organization to current needs.

Costs control

Optimization and full-cost control related to the process of acquiring the right staff.

Convenient billing

One invoice at the end of the month covering all costs related to the delegated employees.

We are at your disposal

Contact us by phone or send a message using the contact form. Our team will be happy to discuss the details of the offer with you and present the terms of cooperation.

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