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Out mission:

We solve staffing problems

Business is people

We invest in the best employees to guarantee your continuous development.

DWL JOB specializes in sourcing employees from Eastern Europe mainly for logistic purposes, i.e. employee outsourcing, employment agency, job placement.

Our main goal is to create long-term partnership relations with our clients by providing them with the most advantageous conditions and professional approach to work. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients for whom we strive to provide the highest quality and timely services.

Our strengths are

A guarantee of safety for employees and employers, giving them confidence that they are working with a legitimate APT certified company.

Caring for both employers and employees. We take care of all the formalities.

Professional approach to our work. We offer reliability, fulfillment of obligations and maintaining positive relations with employers and employees.

The staff of our company is constantly trained, and we care for raising competence of the DWL JOB team.

0 years of experience

DWL-JOB has been helping clients to dynamically develop, increase production and sales for several years now.

0 countries

We operate throughout the European Union!

more than 0 employees supplied

We have already sourced over 1000 carefully selected and competent employees for our clients.

How do we operate?

DWL JOB helps to solve personnel problems, and we specialize in obtaining reliable and willing to work candidates. Our mission is to build long-term and positive relations with companies which trust us.

Respect for every employee

DWL-JOB employment agency has been helping Clients to develop dynamically, increase production and sales for over 3 years. We do this effectively by searching for the best and most valuable employees on the market. Our activities are characterized by ethics, honesty and professionalism. We assume that each career, regardless of position and work environment, is valuable and deserves full respect. We are convinced that the source of success and the driving force of any company are properly selected, trained and motivated employees. We know how to find them.

Modern tools and work methods

Today's labor market is very changeable and dynamic. Both companies and employees have to adapt to it. We support both groups by offering the most beneficial solutions. We are a trusted partner that provides effective and proven methods, immediate assistance and specialized tools.

Individual approach

What distinguishes our agency is an individual, personalized approach to each of our clients. Unlike many other companies, which are increasingly automating their recruitment processes, we focus on combining modern tools and IT systems with an element of human knowledge, experience and intuition. Our employees carefully analyze each application, creating an offer dedicated to a given company. In this way, we ensure the highest standard and effectiveness of our actions.

Offer for each industry

The DWL-JOB Employment Agency specializes in providing permanent and temporary employees for various positions, depending on specific requirements of our Clients. We serve companies from various industries: manufacturing, logistics, food, metal, transshipment, construction, customer service and many others. One of the sources of reaching out to a large group of potential employees is our job search.

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